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Safety Support Fact: Homicide is the leading cause of death for women in the workplace.

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Our expertise in security, safety, investigation, and workplace violence prevention caters to any organization.

Guest Speaker

Mark Mooring Guest SpeakerMark Mooring has delivered informative and entertaining presentations to a variety of audiences that include seminars to large organizations or informal luncheons.

The seminars provide excellent training for preparation of surveys and compliance with all Security related guidelines as well as daily security operations. He has consulted for over 50 companies, many on a continuing basis.

The personal safety aspect of the presentations are a favorite with all audiences.

His expertise in Workplace Violence Prevention and Security and Safety issues has been beneficial for many groups. The presentations continually receive the highest accolades.

Guest Speaker topics have included safety solutions and helpful hints in the following areas:

  • Managing Assaultive Behavior
  • De-escalation (verbal and physical) of Violent individuals
  • Preparing for an Investigation
  • Safety Concerns and Resolutions for Community Outreach Workers & - Home HealthCare Givers
  • Self Defense Strategies
  • Verbal Skills
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Legal Issues
  • Testifying
  • Documentation
  • Gang Behavior
  • Risk Assessments
  • Personal Safety for self and family
  • And much more!

Below is a list of current organizations he has presented to:

  • Volunteer Leadership – Central Coast Counties Council-Personal safety
  • Society for Social Work Leadership in Healthcare– workplace violence prevention
  • Finance Agency, County of Santa Clara, Workplace and Personal Safety
  • Crystal Stairs Inc. Personal and workplace safety issues
  • Training for Office Professionals, County of Santa Clara, Workplace and Personal Safety
  • Workplace Investigations for Managers - Santa Clara County Medical Center –
  • Security and Investigations for Management IAHSS - National Conference
  • Investigations for Healthcare Association for Threat Assessment Professional National Conference
  • Case Management for Private Industry - Association of Threat Assessment Professional for IAHSS
  • Threat Assessment National Management Association
  • Queen of Angeles Hospital
  • Violence in Healthcare IAHSS - Los Angeles Chapter
  • AB508 - Three Years Later –Southern California Risk Mangers Association
  • Case Studies - Adventist Health System
  • Security/Workplace Violence for Hospitals and Clinics
  • Pacific Southwest Distributors Association
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Los Angeles Coalition of Mobile Medical Units
  • Requirements for Security in Healthcare IAHSS - Los Angeles Chapter
  • Gang Violence and Behavior in Healthcare ASIS - Orange County Chapter
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Directors of Volunteers in Agencies - Los Angeles
  • Sexual Harassment Southern California Association Directors of Volunteer Services
  • Sexual Harassment National Management Association
  • Personal Security IAHSS - Inland Empire Chapter
  • Workplace Violence Prevention - Canyon Country Chamber of Commerce
  • Workplace Violence - Employee Issues Nurses Executive Council - Northwest Region