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Safety Support Fact: Homicide is the leading cause of death for women in the workplace.

The Proper Authorities

Our expertise in security, safety, investigation, and workplace violence prevention caters to any organization.

Security Assessment and Security Plans

Security Assessment

Security Assessments for your facility are designed to encourage a safe and secure working environment. This includes a physical inspection, staff interviews and a review of current policies. Every step is coordinated with your organization to identify risks and develop a solution.

  • Assessments are extensive and specific to your facility. We provide a security risk report that identifies vulnerabilities. The information is integral for planning immediate and long-term improvements.
  • A physical inspection of the facility is followed by a series of practical recommendations to prevent specific and general crime.
  • The report is professionally assembled and user friendly. We have developed a successful Recommendation Tracking System (RTS) which has proven to be a valuable tool.
  • All of the assessments address legal compliance with State Law, FedOSHA, CalOSHA requirements and current legal issues. The healthcare component insures compliance with JCAHO and California Law (Health and Safety Code 1257.7)

Security Management Plans

Security management plans can be developed for any organization and tailored to address your specific concerns. Our plans detail an array of security issues important for the safety of every employee and guest of your organization. Plans are compliant with the law and industry standards.

We develop security management plans for hospitals designed to meet the most stringent JCAHO surveys. In all the surveys conducted our security management plans have been highly successful!

Our most recent success was at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center where a strict and extremely thorough surveyor made a point of commenting to the Administration that the Proper Authorities Security Management Plan and Program was the best he'd ever seen.

The Plan was praised for the following:

  • Flexibility of the “Living Document”
  • Superior Training Programs implemented for Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Hospital Emergency Incident Command System and Drills
  • Training for Security Officers (Initial and Ongoing)
  • Security Assessment process, including Documentation and Follow-Up Performance Improvement Process

The success of the Security Management Plan and portions of the Emergency Preparedness Program, managed by Proper Authorities, led to the mitigation of JCAHO issues from other sections of Environmental Care.

The surveyor was most impressed that the Security Management Plan and Programs did not just address JCAHO standards, but an array of Security issues important to the safety and security of everyone.

Additionally, it should be noted that the Security Management Plan has successfully assisted clients during CalOSHA inspections and other litigation.

We have developed effective security plans for companies of varying size and function.